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Outsourcing / Remote Staffing

What is Outsourcing ?

  • Outsourcing simply means to hire an indepedent contractor who had an expertise in that field to accomplish a specific job or project.
  • Do contract with party and understand the work process.
  • Get your work done on time with high level of accuracy.
  • Eliminate the employment cost and taxes.

What is Remote Staffing ?

  • Remote Staffing simply understood as hiring your staff at remote location just like your branch office.
  • Hire your staff based on your specifc requirement,
  • Give proper understanding and instructions to get your work done,

TruAnalyst can give you Outsourcing OR Remote Staffing solutions so you can get the combined benefit of both including but not limited to,

  • No need to spend hiring cost,
  • No need to take headache to select candidate from list of hundreds,
  • We will select right candidate based on your specific requirements,
  • No payroll compliance for your staff taxes withholding, insurance and benefits.
  • We can assign you staff based on your requirement – temporary, permanent, seasonal.
  • Get your work done at low cost compare to hiring candidate at your office.
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